Notes for booking request


On the next page you can easily start a booking request. Before filling out the form, please read the following notes regarding the reservation:


  1. For general questions please use our contact form.
  2. If the reservation with your room request is not exactly possible as indicated, we will be happy to approach you and make a new offer in accordance with you.
  3. Payment will be made on arrival in cash or by debit card. Please note: We accept no credit cards.
  4. As soon as we confirm a booking request by e-mail or telephone, the reservation is binding.
  5. After submitting the booking request, you will receive our guest accommodation contract by e-mail. If your request has been confirmed by us, please fully fill it out and send it back signed to
  6. There are separate fees for parking, internet and the use of our washing machines. We have the prices here for you.
  7. Please also note: We offer no breakfast.